Setting Intentions for 2020

Setting Intentions for 2020

Happy New Year to all. Just set my 2020 intentions. I’ve done this for many years now and almost always in a warm place. This time I am in Barbados with my dear friends. I’ve been amazed how many of my intentions have led to real changes in my life and work. I call them INTENTIONS not GOALS for a reason. Intentions are directional rather than goals, which are narrow.

My first intention is a desire to be more generous in 2020. I don’t know all the ways I can be more that way but day to day I will discover them.

My next intention is a desire to be even more kind to my partner, Janice. I will develop this intention mindful that goals can limit while intentions expand in limitless ways, so I can follow my heart.

Another intention is to spend more time with people who are really trying to shift humanity to a thriving future.

Many people set New Year’s Resolutions but here is the problem: the average resolution is broken within 24 hours. Intentions are more alive.

My process is simple for making intentions and living them. Every day this year I will read my intentions in the morning. Once a week I will visit them longer to see how I did and generate ideas for the week ahead. Once a month, I will have a longer honest sit down and a few areas to focus for the month ahead.

So what are your intentions for 2020 and your process for staying on it?

Blessed new year to all!


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