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Our team can customize a training solution to engage your team members and leaders. We have created leading edge training programs that have transformed companies such as Qantas Airlines.

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Dr. John Izzo provides completely customized solutions for corporate sustainability, social responsibility, leadership, and employee engagement.
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Create a culture of ownership and impact your business for good with with acclaimed Stepping Up program.

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Dr. John Izzo’s books focus on making the most of your personal life, work life, and stepping up for change.

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55% of global consumers say they will pay more for products from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact.



67% of global executives say sustainability strategies are necessary to be competitive – a 12% increase from last year.



Companies with strong leadership development programs are 150% more likely to be on Fortune Magazines Most Admired Companies list.

Consulting Psychology Journal


Employees who feel valued by their employer are 60% more likely to report that they are motivated to do their best for their employer.

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For a limited time, Dr. John Izzo is giving away FREE access to one of his leadership training videos.

One of the most effective ways to position your organization heads above your competition is by getting your leaders and front line to step up and be 100% responsible. John Izzo knows this and that’s why his groundbreaking keynote based on his bestseller, Stepping Up, has received overwhelming praise. If you’ve heard John speak, you know the impact of his talks. Not only does he get the audience fired up, but more importantly he leaves them with concrete ideas that can be immediately implemented in the workplace.

Now your entire organization can learn John’s most hard hitting concepts in his new 5 part video series. The videos are each 10 – 13 minutes aimed at getting your people to reflect and take action to step up. They can be used in a variety of ways from individual use to team meetings.



When each of us takes 100% responsibility it helps grow the brand, improves the workplace and helps each of us find more happiness and influence. Be an initiator instead of acting like a victim. Initiators ask what they can do and what part they’re playing instead of being concerned about what other people are doing. 100-0 means focusing only on what you yourself can influence.


Passion and enthusiasm are amongst the most important attributes of leaders we want to follow. Engagement doesn’t merely depend on our environment—we can foster and maintain our own engagement and resilience. Embrace an attitude of gratitude and become a better student of what engages and inspires you.


Learning how to adopt a “tight-loose” culture of greater responsibility creates an environment where people can feel free to step up and offer ideas. The focus is on how to manage results and coach activities, instead of the outdated paradigm of managing activities and coaching results. By coaching activities, we free people up allowing them to feel empowered to take ownership.


Research shows that when people have a purpose, they are more connected and engaged. In order to drive purpose it means first being in touch with your own purpose as a leader. If leaders see their helping mold someone’s career and character, they will likely treat that task very differently. So how can you as a leader help people find their purpose?


If we want to reach our full potential as human beings and in our careers, we must consistently find ways to keep growing.

There are three key things to help us reach our potential:

1. Always have something you’re working on

2. Constantly seek feedback

3. Surround yourself with people who are better than you

For many years, Dr. Izzo wanted a way for this message to become sustainable in organizations and the video series is now being used by many of our clients with great success. People are reporting that the videos are spreading the message of leadership at all levels and they are changing behavior.

This 5 part series is an effective tool that be used repeatedly to give your team a boost of inspiration. To order yours or learn more contact

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