The Purpose Revolution

By Dr. John Izzo and Jeff Vanderwielen

We’re in the midst of a purpose revolution. Customers, employees, and investors are making it clear that they want companies to do more than provide good products, good prospects, and good profits—they want companies to do some social good too. Ironically, as this extremely timely book demonstrates, purpose-driven companies do better on nearly every traditional metric: greater customer loyalty, higher retention, more innovation, and a healthier bottom line.

The Five Thieves of Happiness

By Dr. John Izzo

Happiness is our natural state, for each of us and for humanity as a whole, argues John Izzo. But that happiness is being stolen by insidious mental patterns that he depicts as thieves: the thief of control, the thief of conceit, the thief of coveting, the thief of consumption, and the thief of comfort. He discovered these thieves as he sought the true source of happiness during a year-long sabbatical, walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain and living in the Andes of Peru. This thoughtful and inspiring book describes the disguises these thieves wear, the tools they use to break into our hearts, and how to lock them out once and for all. Izzo shows how these same thieves of personal happiness are destroying society as well. This book will help us all discover, develop, and defend the happiness that is our true nature while creating a world we all want to live in.

Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything

By Dr. John Izzo

Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything offers inspiration and practical advice on how ordinary people can step up and make a difference in work, family, community or the world. Filled with moving stories of how ordinary people accomplished extraordinary feats, the book challenges each of us to step up and create change. He shows how leaders can create a workplace where people will choose to step up.

“Insightful and inspired! Stepping Up reveals how all of us can create positive change in life and work.”
—Marshall Goldsmith

The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die

By Dr. John Izzo

What are the secrets to finding happiness? Why do some people live well and die happy? John Izzo asked thousands of people to identify the wisest person they knew. “The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die” shares what he learned from over 200 people aged 60-106 whom others said had found the meaning in life. With warmth and wit, this book shares the “Five Secrets” to a happy and purpose-filled life which Izzo distilled from listening to these stories.

“What better way to learn from the experiences and input of others who have lived a full life! Very enlightening and inspirational. The type of book that you can pick up and re-read, refresh your mind and continue to learn from.”
—Elsa Akin

Values Shift: Recruiting, Retaining And Engaging The Inter-Generational Workforce

By Dr. John Izzo and Pam Withers

Praise for this title is rampant. Originally published in 2000 by Prentice-Hall, this book was ahead of its time! Values Shift is in its 10th printing and making serious statements about the status of our corporate culture. Post Enron, WorldCom and of course post Martha Stewart—North Americans are taking a good hard look at the reasons why they work for the companies they do!

“This book explores and dispels the myths of generational sameness. At the same time, it provides insights for understanding the values that previous generations have brought to the workplace, and how these values clash with younger generations. “
—James T.

Second Innocence: A Guide To Renewal In Work, Relationships, And Daily Life

By Dr. John Izzo

Is it possible to age and keep the sense of wonder about life that we had when we were young? Can we age without becoming cynical? Is it possible that our willingness to hold on to our innocence and idealism influences our ability to discover joy in our lives and make a difference in our world? Does our experience in the world take away our innocence, idealism and sense of wonder or does our choice to give up those qualities shape our experience?

“Second Innocence is an outstanding book about how to regain our youthful enthusiasm . . . seasoned with our greater knowledge of how to be effective. Dr. Izzo provides many excellent questions and exercises to help make the lessons your own. “
—Donald Mitchell

Awakening Corporate Soul: Four Paths To Unleash The Power Of People At Work

By Dr. John Izzo and Eric Klein

Awakening Corporate Soul: Four Paths To Unleash the Power of People at Work is a 235 page book that makes the business case for “Corporate Soul” as a strategy that can re-inspire commitment in an uncertain workforce and create competitive advantage in a high pressure global economy.

“This book is an important and useful look into what is possible in the business world when we enter the normally forbidden territory of “corporate soul”. This book gives us specific pathways in which to begin the movement towards a culture of belonging and purpose.”
—James Stuart

Awakening Corporate Soul: Creating High Performance/High Fulfillment At Work (The Companion Workbook)

By Dr. John Izzo, Eric Klein and Marian Baker

Take your team through the twelve week renewal program based on the best selling leadership book “Awakening Corporate Soul”. This workbook walks through the Four Paths: Self, Craft, Contribution and Community and explores in depth actions and exercises that teams can work through together. This workbook is perfect for personal growth as well as team growth. It offers personal reflection exercises and team exercises to boost team cohesiveness and personal fulfillment in the workplace. Abundant with management tools and techniques!

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