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There’s a revolution happening. Customers, employees, and investors are no longer satisfied with companies providing good products, good prospects, and good profits—they want them to do some social good, too. Purpose-driven companies do better on nearly every traditional metric: greater customer loyalty, higher retention, more innovation, and a healthier bottom line.

But a nice mission statement and a corporate responsibility agenda won’t make your company stand out. This book shows you how to get a real competitive advantage by engaging your employees and customers around your purpose.

Using scores of real-world examples and practical exercises, The Purpose Revolution helps leaders find a truly authentic purpose, one that is a natural fit for them and their organization. It describes concrete actions you can take to ensure that purpose is deeply embedded in your leadership and organizational culture- so that employees own it, customers and recruits connect with it, and every corporate action and activity reflects it.

Once you find and communicate an inspiring purpose, your organization will be revitalized, top to bottom. Harnessing the power of purpose in an age of social good makes business more rewarding in every sense- for employees, customers, and investors.

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If you want to know why purpose matters and how to activate it in your organization, read this book. It is filled with great ideas you can use right away to discover your own purpose as a leader and embed it in your team.
-Dolf Van den Brink, CEO, Heineken Mexico
The Purpose Revolution shares invaluable lessons on how to build your organization’s culture around a common purpose.
-Darren Entwistle, President and CEO, TELUS
If you think you’ve heard others talk about purpose, and you don’t need any more on that topic. Think again! The authors not only deliver superb examples, and stories, but provide a strategy for how to apply these principles to any size organization. A fast and practical read.
-Bev Kaye, Bestselling author of Love 'Em or Lose 'Em and Up Is Not The Only Way: Rethinking Career Mobility
A valuable addition to a growing body of academic research—and business experience—showing that purpose-led companies really do perform better and last longer and are in tune with the hopes and aspirations of the people they serve. This book shows why purpose needs to start at the top and then shows how to embed it everywhere in the organization.
-Paul Polman, CEO, Unilver
This book makes a compelling case for how more and more people are seeking self-actualization through both the work they choose to do as employees and the companies they choose to buy from. It is filled with many useful tools to help define, refresh, and bring purpose to life in your business.
-Joey Bergstein, CEO, Seventh Generation



John Izzo is president of Izzo Associates. He has spoken to over one million people and advised over 500 companies, including IBM, Qantas, the Mayo Clinic, Verizon, RBC, TELUS, Walmart, DuPont, Humana, Microsoft, and IBM. He is the author or coauthor of six books, including Awakening Corporate Soul.

Jeff Vanderwielen

Jeff Vanderwielen is vice president of consulting at Izzo Associates and a former senior change consultant at Ernst & Young. Jeff has 20-plus years of experience helping global organizations articulate a compelling purpose – their core good – as the organizing center for their vision, strategy, and culture.

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