Net Positive: Does Your Company Add More Value To The World Than It Extracts?

Net Positive: Does Your Company Add More Value To The World Than It Extracts?

Being a net positive company allows you to positively impact the world

I believe that the ONLY successful large companies of the future are going to be those companies that are what I call “Net Positive.

This means your company ADDS more value in the world then it EXTRACTS.

Net Positive: Adding Value to the World – Leadership Tips by Dr. John Izzo

Dr. John Izzo delivers customized keynotes to address global issues like creating a culture and organization to be net positive.

Here’s why the TREND is worth considering for you:

– 83% of consumers in the USA say that all things being equal they would rather buy from a company that is socially responsible

– 28% of global consumers say they regularly feel guilty that the products they buy are harming people and the planet

– 2.5 Billion people (that’s 1/3rd of the people on the planet) are “aspirational consumers” meaning they want to DO GOOD and CONSUME at the same time

Billions of people want to do good in the world AND consume at the same time.

There is a major opportunity to move in the direction of Net Positive, but also authentically learn to tell your story to your customer. Through my various keynote addresses, I address this and many other issues.


Dr. John Izzo has spoken to over one million people, advised over 500 companies, authored nine best-selling books, and helped some of the world's most admired companies. He has been a pioneer in creating successful businesses and emerging work trends for over twenty-five years.

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