Collaboration In The Workplace: Making Your Company A Better Place To Work

Collaboration In The Workplace: Making Your Company A Better Place To Work

Collaboration in the workplace goes a long way to boosting productivity.

I had an opportunity to speak with one of the head directors at one of the largest employee survey results companies in the world. He shared with me that they ask every employee. Can you GUESS what was the most common response from employees all over the world?

Higher pay?

More time off?

Better office environment?

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He told me that the results from the survey showed that the most common response was, “it would be a better place to work if we COLLABORATED MORE.” People and teams want more collaboration in the workplace and they want more employee engagement.

In this video, I share why cooperation and collaboration in the workplace is crucial for your business and the world.

If you study the evolution of the earth and humanity you will hear a lot about competition. For example, many people know about Charles Darwin’s work around survival of the fittest. But if you actually study Charles Darwin, you will discover that he spent even more time talking about COOPERATION. He was fascinated by this concept and found that some of the most profound things in the world had COOPERATION at the core.

Here are two examples:

Our bodies are literally million of cells cooperating and collaborating with each other to create this thing we call our body.

If you look at ecosystems like forests and oceans they are comprised of millions of organisms that collaborate and cooperate to allow the ecosystem to be sustained.

It turns out collaboration and cooperation is not only important in business, but also for the world and humanity.

Collaboration In The Workplace

Firstly, keep your head up and better understand how your role is impacting others within your organization. When you do this, you can begin working on bringing more collaboration in the workplace.

In this video, I share more with you about how this concept practically applies to your everyday life as a leader in the workplace.

I’d like to challenge you to think how you can cooperate and collaborate with your competitors and people in other departments. What are you doing to collaborate? What ideas do you have about how your company can act more collaboratively?



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