Overcoming Challenges in the Workplace

Overcoming Challenges in the Workplace

Overcoming challenges in the workplace is all about stepping up and doing something.

No workplace is perfect. There are missed opportunities, arising challenges, and always areas for improvement. But who is the right person for the job, and how can you overcome the challenges you face? Overcoming challenges in the workplace can be difficult for anyone.

One of the biggest concerns in almost every company today is the mounting workload and a lack of work/life balance. There is simply not enough time in the day to get everything done.

Are you looking to break down barriers and help employees overcoming challenges? Stepping Up helps break down barriers in your organizations.

Stories of Overcoming Challenges 

Today I’d like to tell you about a story of two front-line employees that stepped up and successfully tackled this issue at their workplace and the lesson it provides for any of us looking to overcome challenges at work.

Two professionals at a large engineering firm got tired of hearing complaints about the workload at their office and the lack of personal time. They too were overwhelmed and feeling the pressure. It was taking a toll on everyone both at work and outside of work.  Colleagues were  complaining that management should deal with it. But instead of playing the blame game and waiting for someone else to solve the problem, these two employees took control and overcame this challenge.

Watch the video and find out what they did.

In our Stepping Up workshops, we talk about two important principles for creating change.

  1. Do Something, Do Anything: Don’t wait for the perfect plan…just get started. Ask what is one step you can do to get started in the direction of what you are trying to accomplish.
  2. The Coalition of 2: Identify a problem or opportunity in your workplace, and then find one other person who is concerned about that same challenge and then ask: what is one thing that we can do about that issue in our sphere of influence?

So what is a challenge that you have at work? Who is one other person that you could create a coalition with? Start meeting and start asking! Amazing things can result.

Stepping Up means taking one step in the direction of your goal and what I’ve learned from those I feature in my book Stepping Up is that one action always leads to more.

Keep on leading in work and life.


Dr. John Izzo has spoken to over one million people, advised over 500 companies, authored nine best-selling books, and helped some of the world's most admired companies. He has been a pioneer in creating successful businesses and emerging work trends for over twenty-five years.

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