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The University of British Columbia is currently looking for focus group participants to participate in an upcoming study on how models of masculinity shape leadership models in the workplace. The study will also explore the role of social movements like #MeToo on senior leadership’s lived experience in Canada and the United States. Come share your thoughts and experiences!

Focus Groups will last 90-minutes and be conducted virtually. Participation in the study will remain confidential; your identity will not be linked to any of the responses you provide. Data collected will be used to inform current research and possible future development of programs on effective leadership.

This study is conducted in partnership with The Men’s Initiative, a UBC-based nonprofit focused on the well-being of men and communities. The primary investigator is Dr. David Kuhl.

If you are able to assist in the study, please connect directly with Samantha Coronel by February 28, 2021 and someone from the research team will be in touch with further information.  

Thank you.

Dr. John Izzo, PhD.

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