Transformational Change

Leading for Transformational Change: Turning Resistance into Results

Would you like your people to consistently embrace change and create ongoing innovation? Almost every organization today is experiencing unprecedented change and also needing to drive innovation and transformation to stay successful. Dr. John Izzo has spent an entire career helping leaders and organizations not only embrace change but inspiring them for transformational change.

Your audience will discover proven methods for getting others to embrace change. John explains the neuroscience behind change and how to use that knowledge to help others embrace change. The audience will discover the keys to personal resilience and learn how to create a climate for innovation and understand the true source of change resistance and how to overcome it in yourself and your organization.

This talk is hard hitting, practical and guaranteed to get your people stepping up to change.

You will discover:
  • Why people don’t resist change, they resist being changed
  • Find out the three keys to getting people to embrace change
  • Learn to drive the why and empower people on the how
  • Find out how to become more change hardy and able to embrace change

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