Taking Responsibility

100/0: 100% Responsibility/Zero Excuses: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything

Taking responsibility means stepping up and seeing yourself as the agent of change, whether it is changing your company or changing the world.

Dr. John Izzo shows how “stepping up” creates positive change while improving satisfaction at work and in life. Dr. Izzo’s simple concept, called “100/0” (100% responsibility/zero excuses) can transform a company when we decide to put aside our excuses and take initiative to create change.

Filled with inspiring examples of how people have stepped up to make things better, audiences will leave knowing that the more each of us takes personal accountability the better the workplace, the better our life and the better the world.

This session can be focused on all levels to foster greater ownership or focused for leaders where he also helps leaders discover how to foster a climate of ownership and accountability.

Dr. Izzo shares the following examples from companies he has worked with:
  • How a small group of employees got together and transformed service and morale at a large hospital
  • How a leader took a dying business unit within a large Telco and got employees to step up creating a “cash cow” for her company
  • How a new VP helped drivers take responsibility for the profitability of their individual routes taking his division from worst to first
  • How three women with no business experience helped thousands of women get out of poverty in Africa

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