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Have you ever attended a keynote talk and felt really inspired in the moment? Only a few weeks or months later you find yourself frustrated with yourself because you realize you still haven’t put what you learned into action?

You haven’t used that check list or put that great tip into action that you promised yourself you would? After speaking with over one million people I have noticed this too. It’s a gap between people’s good intentions and their actual behaviors after an event. That’s why I’ve developed a Leadership Video Training Series that deepens what you learn after one of my keynote talks. It’s a proven system for turning your good intentions into lasting, actionable behaviors weeks, months and even years after the event.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for the complete video training series:

In this Leadership Video Training Series leaders at all levels will walk away knowing and most importantly acting on:

  • How to be 100/0: 100% responsible, 0% excuses and step up your personal brand
  • How to stay personally passionate, engaged and resilient
  • How to lead for greater accountability and 100% responsibility while getting people to step up to change
  • How leaders can drive a higher sense of purpose to increase employee engagement, productivity and get more from your people
  • How to reach your full potential and take your performance to new levels

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How Is The Training Delivered?

In this series of 5 videos, Dr John Izzo deepens what attendees have learned in his keynote by expanding on critical topics. He shares additional facts, stories and most importantly, he engages leaders to take action through a series of questions and actions. The training series is designed for leaders at all levels and can benefit even those people who haven’t attended the keynote.

Results Speak For Themselves

Clients who have used the video series have discovered that teams and individuals report making significant changes over a one year period following the keynote. The videos become a great way to keep the conversation going and are often shared with team members who were not at the session. In one large bank, employee engagement scores rose significantly following a keynote session and the use of the videos over the next 12 months.

Who’s The Training Best For?

The training is designed for organizations who want to get more out of their people, inspire employees to be more engaged and improve productivity. It’s designed for leaders at all levels, both formal and informal.

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