Stepping Up

Stepping Up: Taking Your Game to the Next Level

This inspiring talk shows what happens when individuals decide to be “agents of change” in both work and society. Pushing beyond limits requires each one of us to step up and be even stronger agents of change in our workplaces, communities and personal lives. Based on his bestselling book, Stepping Up—How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything, Dr. Izzo will challenge each one of to see ourselves as people of influence. Through engaging stories of individuals and groups that created change in business and society, he will help us understand why some people push the limits of their influence and how we can grow ours. He will also show the power of personal responsibility in our personal lives and careers.

Your audience will:
  • Hear unique inspiring stories of people who stepped up to create change
  • Discover the secrets of people who have great influence and how to become one of those people
  • See how personal responsibility can change our personal lives, our relationships and the world

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