Empathy and Inclusion

Leading for Empathy and Inclusion 

Diverse teams where people experience inclusion have been shown to create higher
performance and innovation. Empathy and the ability to customize how we lead to the individuals who work with us are critical skills for leaders to drive engagement. Research shows leaders who demonstrate empathy and inclusion grow innovation, retain talent and lead more highly engaged teams.

Leaders must create a climate where each person can showcase their unique attributes in a way that brings out their personal best. This inspiring keynote or workshop will help inspire your audience to commit to diversity while giving them practical steps to become more inclusive, empathic leaders.

Participants will understand how to create more inclusion and value the diversity of backgrounds, cultures and experiences, while exploring the negative impacts that exclusion brings to the workplace. Specific skills for demonstrating empathy and increasing team inclusion will be introduced and developed.

John will show you how to:
  • Help leaders see that diversity with inclusion is the key to high performance – building a place where each team member is themself and where the team benefits from a range of lived experiences
  • Inspire leaders to make inclusion a key focus of their leadership
  • Explore how gearing leadership to individual team members’ values and preferences leads to higher performance
  • Understand intersectionality – how each person is the confluence of multiple rivers that make them who they are. Our goal is to understand their experiences and appreciate all factors of their identity
  • Learn how to demonstrate greater levels of empathy and build trusting relationships while leading diverse teams every day
  • Understand the role of unconscious bias in leading inclusive teams and how we can overcome our privilege and bias
  • Learn what it means to be an ally for those who feel marginalized
  • Gain skill at getting to know team members: their purpose, their lived experience, their engagement language, and how they want to be included

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