What is robbing your natural happiness?

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Rate each statement based on how true they are to you (5 being most true, 1 being least true).
1. I often worry about things I can’t control.

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2. When confronted with a negative situation I obsess on wanting things to be different.

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3. I let myself think about past mistakes/regrets often or worry about the future.

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4. I often focus on a particular goal and get disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

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5. On social media I often feel envy at other people’s success and life events.

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6. On most days, it’s hard for me to focus on what I am grateful for.

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7. I tend to focus on what I don’t have rather than what I do have.

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8. I tend to focus on the skills and attributes I don’t have as opposed to the ones I do have.

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9. I often find myself obsessing about the story of my life.

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10. I worry more about my success than how much service I am doing.

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11. I tend to focus on my individual happiness as opposed to how I can help the world.

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12. Life is every person for themselves most of the time.

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13. I tend to think happiness is about the things happening to me.

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14. When feeling sad I rarely think I can choose contentment.

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15. I often find myself thinking I will happier when…or I’d be happier if…

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16. I tend to buy things or experiences thinking they will make be happy.

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17. My life is very routine and I rarely shake it up.

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18. I find myself stuck in old patterns that no longer serve me.

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19. I don’t often stop myself from thinking negative thoughts.

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20. I rarely confront personal habits I know make me less happy.

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