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Are you a purposeful leader?

Take this short survey to find out where you are succeeding at leading purpose and where you can improve. Get your results right away along with tips for becoming a purpose champion.



For each statement, select the answer that most describes you.
1. I have a clear sense of how my life contributes to a greater good.

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2. I am able to live my personal values through the work I do.

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3. I have a clear sense of my own personal purpose.

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4. I share my own sense of purpose with my team.

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5. I try to fit jobs, roles, assignments and opportunities to help fulfill each team member’s sense of purpose and meaning at work.

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6. I help my team members connect to the higher purpose of their job.

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7. I recognize/reward people for their work and contributions related to their purpose or values.

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8. I regularly talk about our team’s purpose and how our work makes a difference.

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9. I connect the work of my team to the good we do in the community; I talk about how our team contributes to making a difference in society or the environment.

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10. I work with my team to set purpose-related goals for the year.

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11. I connect the work of my team to the company’s purpose and mission; I talk about the mission and how the work of our team contributes to it.

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12. I understand the personal values of my team members; what gives each a sense of purpose and meaning in their job.

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13. I connect the work of my team to our customers; I share information, stories, etc. on how our work makes a difference for our customers.

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14. I help my team understand the core values of our customers; the social and environmental issues are important to our customers.

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15. I connect my team to opportunities to join partner with our customers to make a difference in the community (supporting causes, community action, volunteer activities, sustainability programs, donating to charities, etc.)

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16. I provide opportunities for our team to hear directly from customers about what is important to them, what they expect of us.

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